Python for Beginners

Python for Beginners

카테고리 : Web Development
작성자 Robert Ransdell
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무엇을 배우게 될까요?

To learn the python language

To learn the CORE skills to understand any programming language

강좌 설명

This python for beginners course is geared to students who want to know how python works and also to those totally new to programming.

The python language has very simple syntax(way to write it) to learn and it is one of the most powerful languages to learn since it can be used for a variety of things.

Jobs in this field are really lucrative and knowing this language will give you an edge when finding a job and making a lot more money than other developers; python developers are not as many as in other languages since people think is hard. Python is super easy to learn but very powerful since it contains many possibilities.

Python is growing faster and faster every day and it has surpassed many other languages over the years for a lot of reasons, which you will find out soon enough.

요구 사항

NO programming knowledge required

자주 묻는 질문

This course starts with explaining what programming really is? Have you ever wondered how things actually work in a program?

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