Digital Photography

Digital Photography

카테고리 : Design
작성자 Ricardo dave
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무엇을 배우게 될까요?

How to hold your camera correctly, which helps you to get sharp photos every time.

Which lenses to use for which photos, so that you can best capture a specific subject or scene.

Why and when you should support your camera on tripods and bean bags.

How to take photos in diffused light on overcast days.

강좌 설명

This course is divided into two broad components: first, we cover all the technical aspects, like camera equipment and support, as well as the camera's most important settings. After that we look at the artistic side of photography, which focuses on light, composition, and creativity.

It has been structured in such a way that you won't ever feel overwhelmed by technical jargon, complicated camera functions or obscure principles. The aim is to keep everything as clear and simple as possible, and this was achieved by tackling each important photographic element separately in short and concise lectures that last between 2 and 5 minutes each. The majority of lectures consist of both teacher-style video clips (where I explain a setting, principle or tip) and slides, both of which contain photographic examples and audio (where I interpret each photographic example).

요구 사항

You need a Canon or Nikon DSLR camera (the kind that has interchangable lenses) - any model will do.

You don't need any prior photographic experience.

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